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This book began as a dream and a bit of an experiment, but as I started to commit myself to writing it began to flow in a fascinating and fulfilling way. I haven't been able to stop writing since.

More information coming soon.



I am extremely honored to share Blijven Ademhalen with you. It was a joy to write and I feel overwhelmed by all your positive reviews and feedback and full of gratitude. You can order a signed copy through the contact form or purchase this at your local ( or online book store (

Wie denkt dat Blijven ademhalen een boek over yoga is, heeft het mis. Het is een dapper en kwetsbaar portret van hoop, liefde en uiteindelijk geluk.’ – Isa Hoes



This would have been my latest book and you may have been expecting it by now. However, after spending countless hours working on it, I’m proud to announce that I cancelled this title completely.

Although I had written 60 thousand words and had a full manuscript ready, I ultimately felt that what I had created wasn't innovative, inspiring or entertaining enough to share. Since many readers of Blijven Ademhalen have been asking me when they could expect Hallo Ego to be released I wanted to share this information with you here.

I am working on something new though, available early 2020. I promise it will be worth the wait! 

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