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Do you want to
jumpstart your way 
towards more joyful life?

If so, then it's time to invest in Silence is a Superpower.
Here's why...

Silence leads to mindfulness.

Mindfulness leads to presence.

Presence leads to awareness.

Awareness leads to acceptance.

Acceptance leads to inner peace.

Inner peace leads to happiness.

Are you ready to wake up calmer and be happier? To embrace a life of ease, improve your relationships and feel healthier and stronger?

'Silence is Superpower' will help you uncover the joy and peace of mind that is available to you and reveal the secrets that the happiest people know.

Your guide

My name is Hedi de Vree

As an awareness mentor and writer I offer personal and heartfelt guidance towards a life of ease and happiness, and a way to leave stress and anxiety in the past. My vision on healing the self-sabotaging quirks of the mind is aimed at bringing you into the beautiful space of simply being, and with that, closer to yourself and to your loved ones.

I believe that we can all lead happier, more fulfilling lives through the path of awareness and it is my mission to help seekers from all walks of life find presence in the here and now. No matter what you are dealing with, there are answers for you in awareness.

Silence is a Superpower is my signature mind training course in which I introduce you to the insights and tools that helped me transform my life - from destructive behaviours and unhappiness to real peace. My method is grounded in real experience, ancient wisdom and modern day science, and I am committed to offering you useful, accessible and beneficial teachings - so you can transform your life too.


Invest in your mind, I can guarantee the return on your investment will amaze you.

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Silence is a Superpower starts November 30th

5 week mind training

Fully online


  • 5 online group webinars (live)

  • Module 1 -
    what it means to be a superhero 
    understanding the journey from monkey mind to awareness mind

    the three pillars of awareness

  • Module 2 - 
    the first pillar
    why meditation works

    the four noble truths

  • Module 3 -
    the second pillar
    the eightfold path

  • Module 4 -
    the third pillar
    self compassion
    the hindrances along the way

  • Module 5 - 
    establishing mindfulness
    establishing a sustainable practice

  • Secret podcast with guided audio meditations and inspiration

  • Fun assignments and practices to kickstart your way into awareness - in just 15 minutes a day

  • Extra personalised guidance in Q&A small group sessions

If you think mind training is not for you or that it won't work...

Then these are the facts.

Awareness is deceptively simple yet simultaneously profound and life changing.

Benefits include:

  • Improved psychological wellbeing

  • Improved cognition, i.e. many aspects of our working minds like focus and concentration

  • Enhanced physical health

  • Boosted baseline happiness levels

  • Better stress management skills

  • Curbed cravings and better eating habits

  • And that's just the start!

Plus, awareness

  • Can be cultivated by anyone and everyone

  • Is easy to learn (and easy to practice, if you know the right tricks) 


Silence is a Superpower 

Full price:


And for this round I am throwing in these bonuses: 


3 month Awareness tribe membership

Full price: €141,-


One on one session w/Hedi

Normal price: €120,-

Total value: €740,-

But you're not paying that...

you can get all of this, in this

One Time Only Offer

When You Invest Now

for just


So that's 60% off!

Offer closes November 29th, 23:59 CET

So, to sum it up

Silence is a Superpower

Flower Composition

to claim your spot in 
Superpower training!

*Offer valid till midnight November 29th

Thanks you for signing up! 
Keep an eye on your inbox for details on how to access the course, you can expect to hear from me within a day.
(And check your spam if you don't!)

This form won't accept submissions after midnight November 29th.

So sign up now for more peace of mind, whatever situation you're in!

'Silence is a Superpower' is designed to bring you more ease, joy and insight regardless of your circumstances - and this course is practical and fun too. 

Here's what you can expect:

A Results-Driven Training Method

Talking won't get you superpowers. Training your mind will. My method is aimed at results.


Ancient Wisdom

The ancients didn't need sports cars or second homes to understand happiness, inner peace and better relationships. And neither do you. Let's learn from our elders.


Scientifically Proven

The techniques we study are not woowoo or flakey, no phoney positivity in this course. Instead, my approach is founded on studies from Harvard and other renowned academic and scientific institutions.


A Plan You Can Stick To

Take home practices that aren't difficult to maintain and fit into your (busy) daily life.


Full of surprises

When you get serious about mind training, beware! Anything could come up, from insights into your relationship with money or food, to a sudden desire to spend more time outdoors. But mostly: more joy and happiness.

Not convinced?

Well, how about this?
I am so sure that 

Silence is a Superpower is not just a talk the talk, but a walk the walk kind of deal...

That I am giving you a


With these easy conditions:

You show up for all the sessions or watch the replays

You do all the course work (only 15 minutes a day)

You stick to this program for 35 days


And if after that you feel no different in your life I will return your investment. 

Just like that.

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