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Jan 26, 2024 - Jan 28, 2024

The Inner Sanctuary Retreat

  • 3Days


The Inner Sanctuary Retreat has been designed to guide you deeply into yourself and allow you to connect to your inner sanctuary where you can be yourself fully. You will enjoy gentle juicy flow classes and calming yin classes - sequenced to help you release tension throughout the entire body both from stillness and from movement. A perfect balance of yin and yang. In addition, there will be time for meditation and for breathing in order to release and find space in the subtler energetic and emotional bodies, and invite the mind into stillness. With this purpose we will enjoy silence after the evening meditations until the mornings so that your retreat may become an opportunity for introspection and a time to recharge not just the body, but also your mind and spirit. You can expect delicious vegetarian meals prepared with fresh organic ingredients. The menu has been put together with care so it may nourish all levels of your being in addition to tantalising the tastebuds. Meals will complement the awareness practices and support a full holistic experience. All levels welcome. Teachings in English. Includes Accommodation in luxury rooms All meals, snacks, tea, etc from Friday afternoon till Sunday brunch 4 yoga classes. 2 meditations Full use of luxury facilities: swimming pool and a sauna on the grounds And best of all, the beautiful seaside and the dunes are just steps away from your villa. You are sure to go home feeling rejuvenated and energised.

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