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I Am That I Am


As an awareness guide and writer Hedi offers guidance into the self and into the present moment. She hopes her offerings will bring you closer to silence and into the beautiful space of simply being.
Hedi believes that we can lead more fulfilling, simpler and happier lives through the paths of awareness. Her own journey from a chaotic, mind driven life to true insight brought her from daily despair to a life of joy. Her transformation led her to write the inspirational memoire Blijven ademhalen (2015, in Dutch) which was met with wide acclaim. She is currently working on her second book (to be published in 2020). It is her hope that through her writing and teaching she can inspire others to find their way to happier healthier lives. 
Her journey to happiness did not come easily and yoga was not a natural choice. In 2008 as she stood in her first yoga class she felt stiff and fearful and utterly inadequate. But rather than magnify those feelings, yoga gave her tools to deal with her insecurities – and she found that flexibility and fear could be worked on. Since then Hedi has found many valuable lessons in yoga and other awareness practices.
Over the past ten plus years Hedi has participated in numerous trainings, retreats, workshops and courses with many renowned international teacher. She is schooled in a variety of styles and practices ranging from Ayurvedic studies to Pranayam and from Astanga to Yin Yoga. She is a student of Sarah Powers at the Insight Yoga Institute where she studies the integration of Buddhist practices, spiritual psychology and yoga.
Hedi is fully dedicated to the path of awareness through yoga and meditation, both as a student and as a teacher. Her practice is deeply inspired by buddhism and meditation practices but also influenced by shamanic traditions and ancient knowledge from all corners of the globe. Her classes are filled with poetry, music and metaphors and her writing reflects her love of words and language as well as a commitment to these age old traditions and insights.
Her goal as an awareness guide and as a writer is to create space for seekers from all walks of life so that they may find union of mind, body and spirit, and presence in the here and now. She believes that no matter what you are dealing with, there are answers for you in awareness.

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