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Guiding You Towards Happiness

Uncover the ease and joy that is already available to you

Meet Hedi

Your guide from inner turbulence to joyful peace

Awareness mentor and writer Hedi de Vree offers personal and heartfelt guidance towards a life of ease and happiness, and a way to leave your stress and anxiety in the past. Her vision on healing the self-sabotaging quirks of the mind will bring you into the beautiful space of simply being, and more importantly, closer to your self and to your loved ones.

Hedi believes that we can all lead happier, more fulfilling lives through the path of awareness. Her goal as an awareness guide is to help seekers from all walks of life find presence in the here and now. No matter what you are dealing with, there are answers for you in awareness. Hedi's healing vision is deceptively simple yet simultaneously profound and life changing.


Jumpstart to Joy
3 Step Awareness Program

Let Hedi guide you towards more ease and joy in your life. 

Immersing yourself in her teachings is guaranteed to be life changing and healing. 

Step 1: 

Silence is a Superpower 

online mind training designed to jumpstart your awareness

Step 2: 

Join the online community and enjoy group meditations 

from the comfort of your own home

Step 3: 

Your Inner Sanctuary 

a transformative retreat experience held twice a year 

(various European locations)

*These steps can be followed in any order, and done again and again!
For additional guidance and support, Hedi also offers individual mentoring. ​​

Personalized Guidance

Cultivation of Awareness 


Inner Peace

Lightening of


Insight into

the Self


Take a step towards more joy in your life. Book an awareness session today!

Thank you. Such a centering, beautiful, special experience. 
With deepest love,

- Lisa L.

Whatever you are seeking - happiness, fulfilling relationships, serenity - you will find no better guide on that quest than Hedi, whose wise and engaging teachings make the journey an enlightening end in itself.

- James S.

You think you have done a lot of mindfulness courses and then you go to Hedi’ s classes and genuinely discover what mindfulness and inner peace really mean for you.

- Veronique M.

Hedi is a wonderful mentor who shares her own journey in a wise and inspirational way. She made me see that meditation isn’t ‘complicated’, and yet can mean so much.

- Caro V.

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